Renegades are sponsored by 5 hour energy

5-hour Energy (stylized as 5-hour ENERGY) is an American made “energy shot” manufactured by Living Essentials LLC. The company was founded by CEO Manoj Bhargava and launched in 2003. With the booming industry of eSports taking it off with more and more investments it should not really come as a surprise to see new sponsors and investments into eSports. Renegades have been an organisation that is well established in the eSports scene. They have teams in multiple eSports and some are fairly successful.

What’s in 5-hour ENERGY®?

The key ingredients in 5-hour ENERGY® are also available in every day foods – like broccoli, avocados, bananas and apples – or already in you. It contains zero sugar, four calories and as much caffeine as a cup of the leading premium coffee.

The released video is an aim at getting to know the players better and closer. It will definitely pave the way for more future investments.