PGL will not work with PEA again

PGL will not work with PEA again

The entire PEA episode has left a bitter taste for several organisations. The top 7 organisations in NA have come together to form PEA.PEA tried to gain market share in North America by hosting an exclusive league which would cement their place as the number one league.

However despite having signed contracts with so many players and teams, the league did not invest in any offline assets. They even outsourced the management aspect of the league to another third party white collar organisation, PGL.

According to reports from Richard Lewis, PGL had given PEA a deadline to sign the contract. PEA missed the deadline and did so without stating any reason.

It has now been learnt that PGL will have no intentions of working with PEA in the future. This comes even as PEA has stated that they will be moving out of CSGO for the current period.