Overwatch Winter Premier Playoffs Preview

Overwatch Winter Premier Playoffs Preview


The Overwatch Winter Premier Playoffs fixtures have been released. The semi finals will see Immortals, Kungarna, Complexity and Luminosity Gaming face each other in the playoffs.


Overwatch Winter Premier is a league hosted by Next Generation eSports in collaboration with Blizzard Gaming. The event has a prize pool of $100,000 and saw eight teams participating in the Group stage.


The list has been narrowed down to only four teams who are in the playoffs. These four teams will compete for the $100,000 prize pool. The first place will get $40,000 , the second place gets $20,000. The remaining amount is divided in varying amounts amongst the remaining teams.


We take a look at the two playoffs for the semifinals. Both the matches are extremely important and we can only expect a tough and close semifinals series.


Immortals vs Luminosity Gaming.


Immortals are the best team in the Group stage. They have been on point with their strategic gameplay as well as their skill rating.


Immortals as a team rely heavily on their team coordination. The team has really talented individuals such as Agilities They recently had a roster change before their Overwatch Winter Premier. They replaced Chance with Verbo as the support player in their roster.


Majority of the attention goes towards the DPS such as Agilities and GrimReality. These two players like to play Genji and Tracer. The combination of the two high movement characters definitely helps create confusion and chaos within the opponents.


NOMY is the pillar of the entire Immortals roster. The tank play by NOMY has been on point with some amazing earth shatters that really help set up the entire team fight for the team. The Immortals team has looked weak in several maps especially on Payload maps on the second point. However they always manage to pull through and complete the map with a 3 capture point scoreline.

Immortals will face off against Luminosity Gaming. Luminosity Gaming had a 6-6 score at the end of Phase 2. Needless to say, they barely managed to qualify for the playoffs after facing some stiff competition from Team Liquid.


Luminosity Gaming are definitely against a top tier opponent. LG’s Phase two matches saw them losing against both Kungarna and Complexity. They did manage to win against Renegades ( 2-1) and against Team Liquid ( 2-0).


However we have already seen several problems with Renegades internally as they faced some serious internal issues with their attitudes and ego’s. Renegades rely heavily on Mangachu. Mangachu is extremely versatile but is most well known for his Roadhog and Pharah gameplay. The aerial superiority along with backup of his supports, helps him provide consistent damage to the opponents.

Immortals are the heavy favorites in this match. They have looked extremely strong in their game. The team coordination is a valid way of determining how teams are performing. Immortals are probably the best team in terms of coordination.


Complexity vs Kungarna


This is the more interesting match in the playoffs. Both the teams have had their highs and lows in the previous matches.


Kungarna started out really strong with a 5-2 position at the end of Phase 1. The Phase 2 matches saw them win 3 and lose 2 matches. They maintained their position in the tournament with some strong showing against teams as Complexity and LG.


However they also lose to Liquid, Immortals. They also managed to give away a map against Renegades ( who have been having internal problems within the team).


We cannot mention Kungarna without having a special mention for ConnorJ. ConnorJ is the cornerstone of the Kungarna roster and has been one of the main reasons for their success. He has proven himself to be versatile but is most well known for his Roadhog plays. It’s not the hooks, but the right clicks by the player which are extremely impressive.




Complexity Gaming came into the tournaments as one of the favorites. After a disappointing Week one, they pulled themselves up and had a very promising Phase 2. They won all their matches except one against Kungarna. Complexity have a differing gameplay style than other teams in the tournament. They are not afraid to try out different picks such as Sombra. The early ultimate by the EMP ability of Sombra helps in targeting the opponent’s Reinhardt. The absence of a Reinhardt in the enemy team definitely helps create a huge difference in damage given out. Complexity have proven that they can do this and play Sombra with efficiency time and again.

The Semifinals for Overwatch Premier league will be extremely exciting to watch. While we believe that Immortals should have an easier time, we cannot count out LG yet. Complexity vs Kungarna is an extremely fun game to watch. The exciting Sombra play by Complexity will provide some much needed action for the viewers. The first match will take place on January 27 at 10 am PST.