Newbee.Boss announced with a mixed team

Newbee.Boss announced with a mixed team

Newbee have announced a new team called Newbee.Boss. This team will feature a female gamer in their roster. This provides an opportunity for Axe to prove herself in the male dominated esports industry.

AXX has been involved in the professional scene in much smaller teams and with unknown players. This team marks her journey as she has climbed through the ladders after consistently showing up great performances.

This is in sharp contrast to NA CSGO female players who have been cribbing about reservations for themselves. Axx has proved herself and quietly worked her way up through the ladder. It will be interesting to see how she performs.

The current roster for Newbee.Boss is :

  • Xiao8
  • Chuan
  • 430
  • Axx

With the likes of Xiao8, Chuan as her team mates, this team has a lot of potential. Xiao8 is yet again back into the competitive scene in order to try to stake his claim to the best team in the world.

Source : Weibo