Nerdrage announce Overwatch team

Nerdrage announce Overwatch team

Nerdrage, the UK organisation have announced the signing of a top 20 Overwatch team. The EU organisation will be featuring the ex – Potato team.

The Potato roster has achieved top ranks in previous Go4Overwatch tournaments. They have been consistently on the top of Tier 2 teams and have the potential to strike it big in the competitive Overwatch scene.

The roster for NerdRageś Overwatch team is :

🇸🇪 Henrik “NuttyB” Romby – DPS/Flex
🇳🇴 Iver ‘Trob’ Straume – Flex/Support
🇳🇱 Jonathan “Jona” Stelma – DPS/Flex
🇬🇧 Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth – Main Tank
🇬🇧 Eoghan “Smex” O’Neill – Flex
🇪🇸 Miguel Angel “Lawliet” Morcillo Hidalgo – Support

Here is what Trob, the support player for NerdRage had to say:

I’m really happy with our lineup. We have been together for almost 3 months now without any roster change. We practice a lot every single day, with scrims, vod reviews, and strategy discussions. And we all have very high ambitions. Most of us have been on well performing teams before, and we built synergy pretty quickly from the start.

We’ve had decent placements in weekly go4 tournaments, top 4 just about every week, and it only gets better! When NerdRage contacted us they were super interested in our team. Our goals are similar and we’ve gotten a really good impression of them. We are very excited to work with them going forwards

Rupert Cary, who is the owner of Nerdrage had this to say about their team

Over the last few months we have been closely watching the Overwatch scene to find a suitable team with a huge amount of untapped skill, capable of becoming one of the best teams out there. It is very exciting to finally present this news and start working with the team to see what we are able to achieve together.

The dedication of the team is phenomenal and giving them a home where they can develop is crucial in this stage of their professional careers. We are confident in the future of Overwatch as an esport in Europe and additionally we will be using the team at the forefront of a number of projects we will be involved with over 2017

Source : Twitter