NaViś eSports manager talks about the future of NaVi

NaVi recently made changes to their Dota2 roster. The renewed NaVi roster will see several new faces as well as a couple of old members from the team. Dendi has been in the roster since the first year of operations in NaVi. Considering his cult – like status amongst the Dota2 community it is obvious that we are not seeing him leave the NaVi roster.

The interview you can see above is in Russian and without subtitles. We could not find a English translated version, however a kind user from Reddit posted key points from the interview.

  • First of all who the hell is Haris Pilton? Haris Pilton is Na’vi’s E-sports manager. He’s responsible for creating team(s), setting up bootcamps, managing their budget, doing finances etc. Outside Na’vi, he’s a salesman
  • Navi considered picking up some respectable Koreans and Malaysians. One of the reknown players was Chuan. The management wanted to sign him as a 4 position player. They interviewed him and others, but realized that they would likely run into some logical problems (such as practicing together as hes from different region, language, playing online etc.), which forced them to relenquish the option to recruit him as their new player
  • It was never their goal to sign European players. They interviewed/ tried out a lot of CIS players, but ultimately this is the roster they decided to roll with
  • Team collectively decided Pajkatt to become the captain post game which is pretty cool. Esports manager says that hes a really strong captain and management believes that he can make Na’vi a really strong team. What sets him apart from the rest of the players is his recent Ti coaching experience for DC. He knows how to think outside of the box and analyze team’s functionality
  • Na’vi has already scrimmed with teams like Empire, VP, Vega and some other random stacks. The results were about 50 50 or 60 40, but Haris said that Navi didn’t care if they won or lost during tryouts. They were looking at how well the boys communicated with each other and how they reacted post game. This squad worked on their mistakes after each game which made management really happy
  • Biver and Rmn aren’t introverted like Ditya Ra and Sonneiko. One of the major requirements to make the cut was to be an open person.
  • RMN and Pajkatt were picked up right from the get go. It’s important to understand Navi’s recruiting process here. First, they scouted players and looked up their statistics (such as most heroes played) to fit Navi’s playstyle. Second, they interviewed them where they asked personal questions. Third, they tested them out in scrims.
  • Biver wasn’t signed right from the start. Misha from Comanche was a close second option behind Biver. He didn’t join cause he tried to make some shots in-game and become the second captain of the team. Two captains in the same team is bad and navi wants Pajkatt to be the captain and in game leader. Biver also astonished the boys with his micro skills, so he seemed better than Misha skill wise. 1 European and 4 Russians also played a factor. So for example, you don’t want to have Pajkatt to listen to Russian half of the time
  • All of them now have to stream to support sponsors. More importantly give autograph sessions/ do post game interviews even if they lose. Sonneiko and ditya didn’t do that and it was very bad to disrespect fans like that.
  • Navi’s management was a little bit upset that their previous Dota 2 squad wasn’t very sociable with fans. Sonneiko gave one interview during his entire run with Na’vi. It was hard to to push Ditya and Artstyle to do interviews once in awhile. HarisPilton also admits that General was in the same boat and needs time to adjust
  • Speaking of General, General English needs some work. He speaks ok. He can communicate the basics but he can’t rofl in English like he loves to do it in Russian. Rmns English is the best beside Pajkat and maybe beever.
  • Pajkatt doesn’t seem to be actually bothered when his teammates speak some Russian. It seems like his time during LGD. Int paid off

-Fans sacrifice their time and energy to cheer for the team. He believes its important for their players to invest some time and energy for them

  • Bootcamp is going to happen around January 20ish. Na’vi has just built a gaming house and that’s where the boys are going to practice.
  • Na’vi has already received a few invites to the upcoming tournaments (he doesn’t specify whether its qualifiers or main event).
  • As the final word, Navi’s esports manager asks real fans to not flame the team if they perform bad for a couple of months cuz they read a lot of online comments and it really stresses them out. (Some guy on VK’s Navi page asked admins to ban Navi’s players from seeing comments, so that they don’t read all the negative shitty comments about them)

TDLR: RMN and Pajkatt were picked up almost instantly. Navi considered signing Chuan and some other famous Asian players. Navi management is happy with the new atmosphere in the team.