Lunatik Hai remove two players due to inappropriate behaviour

Lunatik Hai remove two players due to inappropriate behaviour

In a very controversial piece of news, it has been revealed that two players from Lunatik Hai will no longer be part of the active Overwatch roster.

The two players named are Leetajun and Dean. The two players were initially accused of leading female fans based on lies. They were in online relationships with multiple female fans. These relationships were based on lies. The players were having multiple affairs at the same time. These allegations surfaced a few weeks ago. Initially they were disregarded as pranks, however a few days ago; proof was provided in the form of images, screenshots and the like. The players ( Leetajun) initially went on the defensive and denied any such misdoings. However on being provided with accurate proof, he shut down his stream.

The two players then issued a joint apology on public forums. The apology is written in Korean. The roster is fixed to Ryujehong, Tobi, Esca, WhoRU, Miro and Zunba for the rest of APEX.

There is definitely a cultural difference. People in western countries might not see this as a reason for players being banned from the team. But the general perception in Korea is that such behaviour brings disrepute to the organisation and esports in general.