KyKy to coach Team EnVyUs for Apex Season 2

KyKy to coach Team EnVyUs for Apex Season 2

Team EnVyUs (often abbreviated to EnVy or nV) is an American eSports organization founded in 2007 who used to be mainly known for their competitive Call of Duty background.

The EnVYUs roster was formed in February 2016. They have been one of the first and foremost teams to enter the Overwatch scene. Having dominated throughout 2016, they ended up with a slump towards the last months of 2016. This prompted a few roster transfers for the team. We saw Talespin leaving the roster . Their search for the last 6th member for the EnVyUs Overwatch roster ended with the officially signing up Mickey. Mickey had been playing for the team ever since TaleSpin left the roster. However that being said, he has proven to be a big boost for the team. The EnVyUs roster has been successful.

It has now been announced hat KyKy will be coaching Team EnVyUs during the upcoming Apex Season 2. The Overwatch Apex Season 2 starts from 17th January and will continue in a league format for several months in Korea. It will see the best teams in the world compete against each other. EnVyUs who have dominated the Overwatch scene for quite sometime have been one of the frontrunners for the top position. With KyKy coaching them they will have a very good chance to make it better.