Hazed exits CLG

Hazed exits CLG

Hazed has been one of the cornerstones for Counter Logic Gaming since quite a few years. He has been the pillar behind the rosters that have come and gone from CSGO CLG. However come 2017, he will be exiting from their CSGO Roster.

A post on their website bids farewell to Hazed.

Thank You Hazed

Counter Logic Gaming is sadly announcing today the departure of James “Hazed” Cobb, one of the longest standing members of the organization and part of the original CS:GO team. Hazed has always been the spirit and emotional leader of the team from very the beginning. Whether it was taking down LDLC at MLG Aspen, falling to Na’Vi in a heartbreaking 14-16 loss at IEM Cologne 2015, or making Legends at MLG Major Columbus – Hazed played with his heart on his sleeve. It was a part of what made watching the team so fun (and classic CLG heart attack inducing).

As a lover of all esports, Hazed was a big part of the family culture here at CLG. He always cheered on our players during key matches and legitimately enjoyed watching our other players compete whether it was Super Smash Bros, League of Legends, or Halo. He has also been a mentor to our young CS:GO players for the past several months and will be missed by everyone.

We want to thank Hazed for being a part of the CLG family for the past two years. We have grown and learned a lot throughout this time. The decision to part ways was talked over and mutually agreed upon over the past couple months. It is a testament to Hazed’s commitment to his teammates that he continued to practice, compete, and help develop our young players while knowing he would not be re-signing with the team at the end of the year. It’s been an incredible two years.

Thank you Hazed. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

My time within CLG has been something I’ll never forget. Starting on a team of unknowns that no one believed in, but had players yearning to prove themselves on the world stage. We wanted to compete and win titles. Two years later, it’s hard to for me to look back and not be proud that we made it to 5 majors, a plethora of tier 1 events, had amazing upsets, visited unbelievable cities, and shared great experiences. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting amazing people from all over the world, experienced different cultures, and ultimately bonding with people who had that same passion for competing.

Teammates have come and gone during my tenure within this team, even beyond the CLG days. Lucky, JDM (TWICE!), ptr, Tarik, FNS, Fugly… I miss all those guys. And I’m going to miss Cutler, Ethan, Yassine and Kenny. All of these guys weren’t just teammates, but brothers. I’m going to miss playing with these guys.

I want to thank CLG for giving us the chance to compete under their banner. CLG has grown just as much as I have during my tenure and they will continue to grow. They might not have always made the right decisions, but neither did I.

The future at the moment is unclear for me. I’m going to really push myself in the coming months to see if I can improve. If I can’t improve my own personal skills and my value as an aspiring IGL isn’t in demand, I will move on. During this time, I’ll entertain offers from other teams, start full time streaming and even consider potential analyst/caster positions.

And to the fans, I’m sorry. I could never live up to the hopes and dreams you laid before me.

Thank you.

– James “Hazed” Cobb