Hammer eSports picks up Overwatch team

Hammer eSports picks up Overwatch team

Hammer eSports is a well known name in VainGlory. They have a fairly successful VainGlory team who have achieved a commendable level of success. The name of the team they will be picking up is named bird noises. Bird Noises is a team that has been causing upsets in recent matches in NA Overwatch. These wins include winning the last three Rivalcade Overwatch tournaments, taking victories over prominent tier 2 mainstays Method and Selfless and finishing first in the Haste Series Qualifier #1 by beating out Gale Force and Spicy Boys. 

Their roster is as follows :

super- tank
Voll- off tank
rob420- support
avast- support
JAKE- flex/dps
train- flex
Precision- Manager

The captain of the team Jake had only good things to say about their new organisation :

My friends and I are looking forward to competing together on the biggest stages in eSports. We’re also excited about the potential of our partnership with Hammers Esports; it is an organization that feels really organically committed to taking good care of the players & brands they represent.

Source : GosuGamers