Halo Fans upset about the handling of the World Championships

Halo Fans upset about the handling of the World Championships

The Halo World Championships is the pinnacle of the eSports community in Halo. The event which brings together the professional players in a conundrum of world championships definitely is seen as the ultimate decider of a team’s performance levels.

While third party events are usually top of the class in Halo, the recently concluded Halo World Championship has been lacking in quality and organisational skills. The fans have been vastly upset with the way their eSport has been handled creating a bad experience for players and viewers alike.

The forums are abuzz with fans complaining about the handling of the event. One such comment which aptly voices the concerns of the community is listed on TeamBeyond.net

I made a video about the event and things that went on that will be up soon but in short the last one UGC had complete control of the event this time they didn’t and so both parties had to work together and both sides needed to do a much better job of communicating 343 wanted a Invitational level production and UGC was not used to doing that, along with that the addition of the analyst desk and casters that had never worked with UGC was a big part as well. Lots to talk about I believe we are all to blame for production and it should have been better. Sorry we let you guys down! I was running to the floor helping turn a camera around so you guys could see Str8 win lol and everyone was doing all they could to fix the issues that arose but was unable to do it as fast as the team wanted to on both sides. Be sure to check out the video it will be up shortly.

Source : TeamBeyond