Godsent to miss out on WESG 2016

Godsent to miss out on WESG 2016

Godsent have decided to pull out of WESG 2016. Sadly for the organisers, this decision was taken 12 hours before the actual tournament.

The decision was announced via the organisers. They definitely do not have the resources or the opportunity to find a replacement team at such short notice. As such they will continue with one team less in that particular group.

The five teams participating from that group are :

Space Soldiers


he reasons of that decision are unknown. Also, there was no official comment from the directorship of organization. Following the seeding, GODSENT were up to play in Group «С», where also we have such teams as Space Soldiers, Signature, Team Kinguin, FIVE eSports Club and Bravado Gaming.


GODSENT’s roster consist of the following players:


— Jesper «JW» Wecksell
— Robin «flusha» Rönnquist
— Markus «pronax» Wallsten
— Jonas «Lekr0» Olofsson
— Andreas «znajder» Lindberg

— Alexander «rdl» Redl (coach)


We’d like to remind you that the main stage of WESG 2016 Grand Final presented by Alipay in four eSports disciplines — CS:GO, Dota 2, StarCraft II и HearthStone — will be running from January 12-15. The overall prize pool of the championship is amounted to ¥24 650 000 (~$3 700 000).

Source : WESG