GobB forms Big Clan with trio from NRG

GobB forms Big Clan with trio from NRG

GobB along with Legija and Tabsen have decided to form their own organisation. The team will consist of NA players only and will be based in NA. After some disappointing results in their previous organisation NRG; the trio have decided to form their own team. This will grant them greater control over decisions and finances.

In a statement to HLTV;

“After our 1-year stint with NRG in North America, Johannes (tabseN), Niko (Legija) and I decided to return to Germany and together create a German team that we’ve been dreaming about,” Fatih “gob b” Dayik said in a statement.

“We always had this roster in mind, that’s why we decided to pay the buyout fee for Joe (nex) from mousesports and Kevin (keev) from ALTERNATE.

“We would like to thank both organisations for a fair buyout offer and fast communication. For now we’ll be focusing on playing and adjusting to the new situation.

We will be posting regular updates in the coming weeks. Please send all business related inquiries to business.bigclan@gmail.com.”

The team has secured a spot in the closed qualifier for DreamHack Masters Las Vegas, in which it will face mousesports in the opening round, on January 9.

BIG have the following roster:

Fatih “gob b” Dayik
 Nikola “LEGIJA” Ninić
 Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz
 Johannes “nex” Maget
 Kevin “keev” Bartholomäus