Fragsters release their Overwatch team

Fragsters release their Overwatch team

Fragsters have decided to release their Overwatch team. They will not be sending their team to offline events.

The decision was taken as Overwatch is still a new scene and their team was not really as successful. In a statement from the manager;

“For the time being, Fragsters choose to focus on the more established gaming scenes and the talented e-athletes from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. On behalf of staff and management, Fragsters wish the players and team manager David Pella, all the best in the future. Their contribution to Fragsters is highly appreciated.”

This was not the first event that Fragsters had refused to send their team to. The offline events that they had participated earlier were local and not in any way incurred much expenses. Fragsters refused to pay around $1000-$2000 required for the team to travel to Paris.

“Fragsters refused to send us to events abroad such as the Paris one. It was the same with DreamHack Winter and also did we not get what other teams got from their organizations.”

The Grand Danois roster is:

  • Daniel “Danii” Lindblad (Flex DPS)
  • Andreas “Lind” Lindblad (Support)
  • Eskil “Hunni” Keller-Larsen (DPS)
  • Gustav “Nerfdd” Guldager (Tank)
  • Kristian “Kellex” Keller (Support)
  • Mikkel “MandeTrodser” Hestbek (DPS)
  • David “DrunKin” Pella (Manager)

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