Fnatic sign Hafficool as their sixth member

Fnatic sign Hafficool as their sixth member

Fnatic have announced the signing of Hafficool as their sixth Overwatch team member. Hafficool has been playing with team Fnatic since November. However he has been playing only as a stand-in.

Following some really impressive performances by Hafficool with the team since then Fnatic have had success with their results both online and offline. In his first tournament that he played with Team Fnatic, they climbed their way all the way till the finals. However they fell to the eventual champions Misfits.

In Haffi, our Overwatch team has gained an outstanding DPS Flex player, and we’re thrilled to have now signed him on a permanent basis. With his ability, his positive attitude and sheer will to win, we’re confident that we’ll soon see Fnatic etched onto OW silverware.

Source : Fnatic