Fnatic had asked several videos of Olofboost to be removed

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Fnaticś infamous Olofboost during the 2014 Majors has created a major controversy. It is a controversy that refuses to die down even today. The boost which was an exploitation of a bug during the time gave an unfair advantage to Fnatic. They could almost see the entire map from their vantage point which gave them an oppurtunity to make a comeback from being down 2-13.

Their opponents EnVyUs were unable to even comprehend where Fnatic were hitting them from. It ended up being something that created a division within the community with the Majority being against Fnatiçś exploitation of the bug. EnVyUs even demanded action be taken against Fnatic. The match did eventually ended up in EnVyUs favor after Fnatic withdrew from the tournament. EnVyUs ended up winning the tournament. However that episode only cemented the Fnatic team together and they went on to dominate the CSGO scene for an entire year.

It has now come into light that Fnatic organisation had asked several youtube videos of the episode to be taken down. While reasons have not been mentioned they could range from shame to just wanting to avoid the episode altogether.