Eleague Major Finals Preview

The first major of 2017 has reached it’s final stages. Virtus Pro and Astralis are the two teams that will face off in the finals. We take a brief overview into the contenders for the Major finalists.




Astralis came into the Eleague Major as one of the top contenders for the Major. They had a bumpy start to the Major after losing to Godsent in their opening match. This was a shock result especially as Godsent were definitely not considered a strong opponent. With rumors of the incoming Swedish shuffle post the major, this was a surprise victory for the Swedish side.  


Astralis are an experienced team. They did not let the initial bump get to them. The Danish roster kept improving their game. Their next two matches were against Optic Gaming and Gamers2. Optic Gaming was considered as one of the teams with the chance to win the Major. Astralis faced them on Train, which is one of the best maps for Optic. Despite a meagre 8 rounds on their CT side, Astralis were able to win the Map 16-12. They definitely looked much better than the version of them which lost 6-16 against Godsent.


The Danish team who recently entered into an agreement with carmaker Audi got the attention of everyone when they smashed Gamers2 16-5. It was a dominating performance against a well established team. With better results everyday, Device and company are looking really strong by this point.


Astralis greatest strength comes from their cohesion together as a team. They have been together for a long time .The core of Dupreeh, Device, Xyp9x understand their roles extremely well.


Device is much calmer right now than at previous majors. We see him much more motivated and calmer than in previous majors. Being in a stable player owned organisation has proved to be a calming influence for the youngster. Even in their losses, Device has been performing admirably well.


The Quarterfinal was one of the toughest test for Astralis. They were up against NaVi. NaVi had been the strongest team in the tournament yet. They were 3-0 in their matches and had defeated all their opponents in single digits.


Astralis looked extremely strong in all three maps against NaVi. The first map of Overpass saw the Danes giving no space to NaVi. The constant CT side pushes by Astralis saw NaVi never being able to set in on a set strategy. Astralis won the map quite easily 16-7. The second map was going well for Astralis. It was a close map where NaVi and Astralis went toe to toe. The second map was 14-14 before Simple managed to kill the bomb planter with just 3 seconds remaining. It was a lucky break for NaVi, as they were at a severe disadvantage had they gone through with the plant.  The third map saw Astralis put up a remarkable CT side. NaVi were simply unable to catch a loose end in the Astralis defense.


The semi finals saw Astralis put up against Fnatic. Fnatic were on the brink of a roster change with the Swedish shuffle incoming, however they did manage an overtime score against Astralis on Cache. Of Course Cache is not a strong map for Astralis and the overtime win was still a plus point for the Danes. They exerted their dominance against Fnatic on map 2 to proceed to the Finals of the First Major of 2017.


Astralis are known as the chokers. They have had numerous occasions when they are out in the semifinals or on the brink of victory but lose it. Do you think Astralis can get rid of their Choker tag and win this major? They are only one match away.


Virtus Pro


Virtus Pro are the crowd favorites at the tournament. Their roster is the longest standing team in CSGO history. With players aged over 30, this team includes veterans from the Polish community.


Virtus Pro have had several close matches so far in the Eleague Major. The first three matches in the Group stage were with really close scorelines. Although they did win all three matches, it was not as convincing as NaVi did in the group stage.


Maybe thats for the better, cause hey look where the two teams are right now. NaVi are out of the tournament while VP have reached the finals.


Virtus Pro vs North was an extremely close match. Virtus Pro demolished North on their map choice of Overpass. With a scoreline of 16-4, there is hardly any explanation of the map needed. It was a VP show through and through.


The second map was Cache. The map was relatively close with a 9-6 halftime scoreline. In the end however North were able to squeeze through the map. They won the map 16-12.

The third map was the most exciting match in the Major so far. North had an absolutely strong CT side. They went up 12-3 in the first half. Virtus Pro being the professionals that they are did not let the dismal T side performance bother them. The first round on CT side  saw Snax play aggressive on A long and take down CajunB. After being down with such a huge deficit you would assume Virtus Pro would play it passive and safe, but their natural gameplay sees them taking risks that no other team would take. With each subsequent round their confidence increased and so did their score. It was one of the most amazing comebacks we have seen at a Major and will remain for a long time.




If that match was not close enough for you, Virtus Pro faced the former Major Champions SK Gaming in the Semi finals. The match started out in a strong manner for VP. Train was SK´s map pick, but you would not believe that if you had not seen the veto. VP were extremely dominant on the map. Taz has to be mentioned here as he was calm as a (cucumber?) and executed his frags clinically. Even at the age of 30, Taz has been able to enthrall CSGO viewers. The second map of Cobblestone was much easier for VP as they are known to be quite strong on the map. In the history of the Majors, VP have always won their Cobblestone matches against SK Gaming. This time proved to be no different.


With that win, VP move on to the finals to meet Astralis. The finals will be a really close affair. The differing playstyles of the two teams will lead to some interesting battles. Virtus Pro are known to play really aggressive. Their gameplay stems from the confidence they have in their own aim and gameplay. Sometimes it backfires, but when it does get executed perfectly it’s a treat to watch.


That’s the difference between Virtus Throw and Virtus Plow. Which one do you think we will be seeing tonight?  Let us know in comments