Dignitas make changes to their Overwatch roster

Dignitas make changes to their Overwatch roster

Dignitas have made some changes to their Overwatch roster for 2017. The Dignitas roster will feature three new players. It is basically a new team that Dignitas is fielding.

The Dignitas website specifically mentions the Overwatch league as one of the reasons for this change. The Overwatch league will feature local teams featuring players from a single locality. As such making a team with similar geographical boundaries has become extremely important in 2017.

The three players joining the team will be

  • Vineless
  • Evokje
  • Wat7

Vineless and Evokje will be support players for the new roster. The tank position will be taken up by Wat7 who impressed several personalities with his performances at the Austrian World Cup.

They will also be featuring a new Coach. The Coach for the Dignitas Overwatch roster for 2017 will be¬†Nicholas ‘Shifty‘ Travis. He has been at the top of the ranked competitive ladder in EU Region and has a good grasp of how a team can function well together. With smaller stints in other teams, he has experience needed to coach a large organisation such as Dignitas.

Source : Dignitas