Devilwalk to join Epsilon

Devilwalk to join Epsilon

In a recent development Devilwalk has joined the Epsilon ESEA Roster. The change was updated on the Epsilon ESEA team page.

Devilwalk rose to fame in the Swedish CSGO team Fnatic in 2013. With the roster changes effected in the Swedish roster, he was removed from the active roster. He is also well known for being the coach during one of the most successful era of Fnatic. The golden age of Fnatic saw them becoming a force to beckon with.

Devilwalk has since tried out his luck in several teams, including NA organisation Luminosity Gaming. However he has not been anywhere as close to being as successful as he was in Fnatic of 2013-14.

With the recent change it seems Devilwalk is set to join the Epsilon team. There has been no formal announcement from either side. We have reached out to Epsilon for a statement. We will keep you informed of any further developments.