Denial CSGO update their 2017 roster

Denial CSGO update their 2017 roster

Denial have made changes to their CSGO roster for 2017. The organisation has been somewhat lacklustre in their performances so far in 2016. With their latest addition adding some young talent to the NA roster, they are looking to make a comeback.

Maxie will be replacing Spitfire on the Denial roster.

On behalf of Denial Esports and the team, we would like to thank Spitfire for the time and effort he put into being a part of our CS:GO team. We wish him nothing but the best moving forward,” our COO, Ray Arsenault said in a statement. “With the 5th spot on our CS:GO team being open due to Spitfire’s departure, we had to go back to the drawing board and figure out who would fit best with the core roster we currently have. Max “maxie” Lönnström came up a lot when discussing potential picks and after talking with him and hearing his goals for going into 2017, it was clear that he was the right person to fill our CS:GO team.

Maxie is from EU and has been involved in professional CSGO scene since quite sometime. He was a part of Team Orbit that made waves in the CSGO scene at the start of 2016. He then went on to play for Swedish team GrabbarnaGrus and before that he was on CSGO2x. But these stints were without much success for the young player.

“I’m really excited to get the opportunity to fly across the Atlantic and play for Denial. It feels great to be a part of this team, and also to finally play with SKYTTEN once again,” Maxie stated.