Brief insight into Australian eSports

Brief insight into Australian eSports

Hi-Rez Studios — makers of SMITE, PaladinsSMITE: Tactics — is opening up their international SMITE and Paladins Masters events to teams in Oceania for the first time.

PowerUpGaming had a chance of talking with Daniel Rowe of the SMITE Team.

Recalling his former team’s disappointing performance in Atlanta in 2015 Rowe attributed some of their difficulties on the lack of any eSports presence in the region. “They’ve [United States] had a constant league since, I think 2013, where they used to just have weekly tournaments. Ever since then they’ve had money coming in and playing against each other, competing. Whereas that was our first year of competition. Naturally, across the water, Australia’s always been a low-performing region.”

While Australia has a decent eSports scene, it is still not considered as a primary region for esports. On the other hand organisations and eSports events are merely lip based in the region with not an actual focus on improving the scene.

According to Daniel Rowe, only League of Legends has the capability to provide a decent income to the players.

These events mark the first time that Oceania has been given an opportunity to join in and play at an international level with increased frequency and support. The popularity of both SMITE and Paladins in the regions is undoubtedly helped the cause, credit must be given to teams Abyss and LG Direwolves for the continued dedication and representation of Australia.

It’s not just these two teams that deserve a pat on the back either. All of the SMITE and Paladins teams who compete regularly and strive to improve and further the scene deserve some recognition.