Astralis win Eleague Major

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Astralis won the Eleague Major 2017. They managed to win a very close series against Virtus Pro.

Both the teams in the finals of the Eleague Major were really strong teams. Virtus Pro won their last major 3 years ago at Katowice in 2014. Astralis on the other hand had never won a major. Indeed they were also known as Gatekeepers in the semi finals. They consistently choked at major matches and during semi finals.

The three maps for the Grand finals were :

  • Nuke
  • Overpass
  • Train

Virtus Pro started out really strong on the initial map of Nuke. They were able to shut down Astralis in a very comprehensive manner. Snax , Pasha and NEO were all on fire as they caught up on some really close duels. However Xyp9x was able to win key rounds. Astralis , more importantly were able to win the economy battles when it mattered the most. They chased down the opponents and did not save the weapons.