Are UMP’s broken?

Are UMP’s broken?

UMP’s are SMG in CSGO. While the traditional weapons being used by the teams are the rifles, we see a lot more of UMP’s being used at the Eleague Major.

The advantages of using the rifles such as M4 and AK. These weapons provide the maximum damage from long range. The AK47 is a weapon that is a one shot headshot weapon and can be fatal if hit on the head. With the accuracy of professional players being the peak of the community, we can only assume that they will hit the headshots.

One more advantage of having rifles is that they do immense damage against Armored opponents. SMG’s which have more bullets usually have less damage against armor. The UMP however penetrates the armor and results in some easy kills for the user.

The biggest advantage of the UMP is the low price. Costing only $1200 it can be a fatal weapon and can often times be as lethal as the AK ( which costs $2700). Lurrpis feels that Valve should be correcting this and making changes to the weapon.