A brief insight into Coca Cola’s strategy for eSports

A brief insight into Coca Cola’s strategy for eSports

Coca Cola has been a brand that has been associated with sports since the longest time. Their association with Sports is not limited to simply sponsoring tournaments and events. They take it further by going extremely deep integration with the entire segment.

Coca Cola is looking for something similar with eSports. They are already tied up with Riot eSports in promoting and developing one of the most successful game in NA. The company aligned with Riot Games and its global League of Legends eSports infrastructure to build an amateur league featuring its Coke Zero brand.

Alistdaily have posted an interview with Coca Cola head of branding. The interview gives us insights into the way of functioning for Coca Cola. They consider Esports to be an important part of their gaming strategy

“We work closely with Twitter because it gives us a close one-to-one relationship with people who follow us and we can communicate quickly with that audience,” Wolf said. “The response by players and fans has been positive. We use it to announce new programs and initiatives like renewing LCS and the Cinemark movie theater deal for viewing parties. It’s been a very strong bright spot. It’s an interesting byproduct as it relates to Riot and eSports in general. Fans are very social. Twitter can be a tenuous form of communication, but we continue to create messaging and content that ultimately is about positivity and celebration of eSports. I read responses very carefully, and when fans respond it makes all of this work worthwhile.”

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