A brief analysis of the incoming French shuffle

The upcoming French Shuffle is a reality. The French scene has been one of the strongest scene in terms of skill. However with personal ego clashes and personalities coming into play we constnatly see them not being able to win any world championships.

A recent report by Flickshot.fr shows the division of skill in across the various French players. We see players being divided based on their stability and performance stats.

Some players are extremely stable while some are inconsistent. The horizontal axis shows the skill rating of the players and the vertical shows the stability of the players. While some plaeyrs might have bursts of brilliance,there are others who maintain a mediocre performance but are much more stable throughout their career. Sometimes it is useful to have a player who can guarantee results on his personal front rather than have a outburst of skill and yet be inconsistent when needed.


Source : FlickShot.fr