WESG Group stages revealed

WESG Group stages revealed

The Group Stage draws for the WESG tournament are out. WESG announced the same on their twitter handle.

Group A

[China] TOT

[South Africa] Bravado Gaming

[Brazil] TShow

[Sweden] Horde

[Peru] Dilecom

[Krygystan] NoLifer5.Reborn

Group B

[Denmark] The Imperial

[Russia] Fantastic Five

[Argentina] Vulture

[Ukraine] Team X Bet

[Brazil] SG e-sports

[Romania] Team Romania

Group C

[Jordan] Aboshmalah

[Philippines] S1 Lykos

[China] Duobao.Y

[Ecuador] Team One

[Turkey] Dark Passage

[Sweden] Alliance

Group D

[Peru] Infamous

[Ukraine] Team Ukraine

[Thailand] Signature Trust

[Russia] Comanche

[Philippines] TNC Pro Team

[China] MAX.Y