WESA replies to the PEA Letter

WESA replies to the PEA Letter

The PEA letter squarely put the blame on the players and team owners. For the most part, the public opinion is and has been against PEA with their exclusivity clause. PEA intend to throttle ESL and any leagues that ESL are associated with.

ESL have been the pioneers in eSports. They have held tournaments in EU and recently in NA of the highest calibre. However with PEAś recent announcement, players have been in protest with the association.

The community has been demanding answers from the organisations and WESA has provided their insight into the matter.

PEA’s compromise offer by Jason Katz boiled down to us terminating the NA division of the ESL Pro League. We politely declined that offer.

We are still interested in finding a solution that benefits teams and players alike. In the talks with PEA, we offered to give all teams and players, including the PEA teams, in the league a significant part of the revenue (not profit) of the league.

As the letter written by Noah Whinston on behalf of PEA is wrong on many accounts, we want to invite all players of Pro League, PEA or not, and their representatives, to go through the offer together with us to get the information first hand.

Source : Twitlonger