TSM Reginald removes Sean Gares from the TSM Roster

TSM Reginald removes Sean Gares from the TSM Roster

Following Sean Gares open public letter via Sir Scoot Smiths, TSM Reginald has decided to remove Sean Gares from the roster. According to Reginald, the player has brought about disrepute to the organisation and dragged their reputation through the mud. While Reginald claims the remaining 4 players have apologized to him for the controversy, the players themselves published a public letter supporting Sean Gares.

This is the message he posted on Twitlonger;


Sean convinced all of our players to tweet with the hashtag #playerrights which suggests that TSM is mistreating all of our players and taking their rights away.


My conversation with Skyler and Twistzz was over a call so unfortunately I don’t have any logs of that, but they echoed the same message as the other players.

After I found out what was going on from the other players I started to feel that they were being misled by Sean Gares and it was then that I told him that we cannot have a working relationship.

What do you do when you find out one of your players of less than a week is working against you and your company? How can I trust Sean on my team when he can’t even bother to talk to me personally about his concerns before taking a public stance against me? At this point my working relationship with Sean had been tarnished, I could not trust to keep him on my team.

I tried to end things amicably. Even after learning what happened with the letter, I was willing to work things out with Sean (as can be seen in the logs), but unfortunately Sean again chose not to directly engage with me and expressed he would prefer to leave TSM. I will not hold Sean in contract jail, I will let him go to whichever team he wants, but I will not let Sean tarnish my reputation when he is being disingenuous with the community on how the events played out with my team. Again, I did not fire him for #playerrights which he is saying to mislead the community.

I have since spoken with the 4 other players on my team, Sick, Relyks, Twistzz, Shahzam, about the situation and they have apologized to me privately about how this all played out. They do not feel that we mistreated them or have any ill will towards TSM.

I’m fine with players fighting for player rights and I believe they should stand up for themselves and what they believe in but this is a case of Sean manipulating the 4 other players on my team. There are much more productive ways for them to handle this situation, call me, talk to me, refuse to play – but shaming me before understanding my intentions is not productive.

TLDR: My players AND Sean had never expressed ANY of their feelings about PEA or the letter to me privately, if they did I’m open to discussing the issue with them. I felt blindsided by the letter once it was published on Reddit. I reached out to the players individually and they all said Sean told them to do this. I felt Sean, my player, was working to hurt me without any intention of compromise therefore I no longer wish to work with him.

I had no intentions of posting these logs publicly but I feel like I’m left without a choice.

Source – Twitter.