Team Liquid exit heroes of the Storm

Team Liquid exit heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm has been one of the most lacklustre game titles by Blizzard in the recent years. The game was developed as an alternative to Dota2, however it definitely has not lived up to the fame and the promise.

A couple of months back, Blizzard tried to excite players and teams about the game, however despite several attempts the general mood around the game has been downbeat. Blizzard even tried to use its huge succes in Overwatch to help its other game heroes of the storm, but the lure of the Oni Skin was not enough for players to switch games.

Another major setback to the game has been the announcement by Team Liquid. Team Liquid have announced their exit from Heroes of the Storm. While the exit of one team might not mean much, it might act as a catalyst for other teams to follow suit. This is pretty much similar to what happened in Hearthstone after the exit of NaVi.

Source – Team Liquid Facebook post