Spoont denies Misfits in CSGO

Spoont denies Misfits in CSGO

The French CSGO scene is in a mess right now. Despite having some of the most talented individual players in the world, they have not been able to come up with a team that can challenge the best teams in the World. In an esport which was dominated for long by the Swedish rosters, it is only recently that the playing field is wide open.

There is definitely going to be a French Shuffle in what is rumored to put forth the best French team ever. The skill of some of the individuals on the team is right at the top of professional gamers, but egoś and behavioural clash have always resulted in several problems for the teams to form a world class team.

Recently a few skype logs were leaked in what shows the Misfits owner, Ben Spoont discussing a prospective buyout of the rumored French Super team.

With such superstar names in the new team, it is obvious that the stakes are high. The high price on the team is one of the reasons why the current French organisations are not interested. EnVYUs is rumored to be offering only upto 15k while Gamers2 is not in the running.

However when PVPlive spoke to Spoont, he declined any such move. The price of the team is quite high and he is not even in the running.

“It’s not me signing that team. [They’re] way too expensive,” Spoont said directly to PVP Live. “I wouldn’t even bid on that team.”

Source : PVPLive