Sean Gares responds to Reginaldś statement

The PEA scandal is showing no signs of letting down. TSM Owner Reginald was interviewed by eSports Historian Thoorin. He specifically laid out the blame on Sean Gares on several counts. Sean Gares had waived off his rights to decide on the appearance of the team at LAN events in exchange for more money. In his endeavour of chasing more money, Sean Gares has not had the best of chances to get even with his righteous self and player rights.

Sean Gares has posted on Reddit in detail about his views on Reginald´s accusations and statements made on Thoorinś show.

The text of the comments go as follows :

Hey guys, I wanted to get a couple of things out there right away because the way Andy portrays things in this video is just not true. I have decided to do an interview about all of this, so I will save my other thoughts until then.

1) Andy makes it seem like I was only on the team for a short while when the players open letter was published on December 21st ( He specifically says, in his TwitLonger reply (, that that my start date with TSM was December 16th. This is not accurate. I was negotiating my contract in late November and eventually signed on November 28th. This was when players were still trying to figure out what was going on between PEA and EPL. We as players didn’t even start hearing the rumors about PEA/EPL until IEM Oakland around November 19th.

2) Andy also makes it seem like I traded away my appearance rights for more money. He describes it as if we were going back and forth on contract points and I agreed to give my rights away in exchange for a higher salary. That never happened. First of all, the contract negotiation was with Derrick, not Andy. Secondly, the topic of my appearance rights was never brought up until we had already agreed on my compensation and salary. I was the one who brought it up with Derrick because, when I was giving the contract a final legal review, I noticed a clause related to my appearance rights. Derrick had not mentioned them during the negotiation so I sent an e-mail to ask about this issue. Here’s what was said:

“Sections 1.1/1.2: Engagement of Services – I just want clarification on what these mean; I’m just confused by the verbiage. (eg: Would it be possible for TSM to say that we can’t play in any leagues and only stream? Only play in certain LANs?)

Yes it does mean that but we’ve never had to use it. We did run into the issue of a league in the past not paying us so we threatened not to play in the league. Of course our goal is to play in the most competitive leagues.”

This was on November 27th, and I signed the contract on the next day after receiving Derrick’s response. What he said reassured me enough to get my signature. Remember, as this was going on the team was trying to qualify for EPL and none of my future teammates had any idea that they might be removed from that league. Why would they bother qualifying if they knew at that point they wouldn’t be playing either way?

3) Andy first asked me to hop on a call with him December 22nd at 1:16PM via text, not the night prior when we were DMing on Twitter. I texted a response at 1:41PM. Following the response, I called Andy at 1:47PM to let him know I would talk with him, but I needed an hour to get mind in the right place for that type of conversation. He agreed. At 2:31PM Andy messaged me and stated “Hey I have a call until 3:30PM. Call you later.” During this time, I put a lot of thought into all of the texts Andy had sent prior to that and realized that I would never feel secure working under Andy. I felt like I was left no choice but to respond with my last message.

Here are the text files with time stamps –

There are many other things that I would like to comment on, but I will save them for the interview. In the mean time, I want to say thank you guys for all of your support.

Yet again Sean Gares leaks internal and private chat logs with the team owner. This is an extremely unprofessional behaviour by the former Cloud9 captain. Irrespective of who wins this round, such leaks will irreparably damage the reputation of the player, the organisation and eSports in general. It is important for players and personalities to understand that signing a contract is obligatory to be followed. We hope that the parties involved solve this mutually.