Richard Lewis champions cause for eSports players

The CSGO community has been rocked and surprised with the recent incidents between PEA and ESL. With PEA threatening to shove the contracts in the face of players who refuse to let go of ESL Pro League, the players seem to be on the minority.

Many players wish to participate in the ESL Pro League. ESL has been a champion for eSPorts since the beginning and despite their several flaws, they have been instrumental in shaping the eSports industry as it is right now. However with PEA targeting ESL Specifically in order to remove competition; the industry looks set to be on the brink of a cold war.

Richard Lewis talks about the situation and explains why he thinks PEA is on the fault here. TSM Reginald who has been heralded by many as an acute businessman does not seem to be as acute when he refers to his players. The lousy handling of Sean Gares definitely has hurt the TSM brand more than Sean Gares ever did.