Peacemaker departs from NRG

Peacemaker departs from NRG

Peacemaker has been having a tough time ever since Valve announced the changes to Tournament rules regarding coaches. While previously, Coaches could partake in conversations and shot calling with their team members on a continuous basis, with the new rules; that is not the case. Coaches are provided a window which includes pre game, half time and time-outs within the game. The experience might not be the best for spectators with several ( 2 ) time outs in a single half, but the game remains true to its roots of being a 5v5 competitive game.

Coaches are helpful in strategizing and not for shot calling. Immediately following this announcement, Peacemaker had departed from Team Liquid. He did eventually find a job at NRG as a Coach, but he announced yesterday his departure from the NRG CSGO Roster. He will not be coaching the NA side for now.

The reason given by him for the departure was difference in goals. Not going into details, Peacemaker explained that the team’s vision was quite contrasting from that of his own.

When I accepted NRG’s offer not long ago, I thought it was a great challenge, not only for me but for NRG as well. I’ve said that before and it’s worth repeating. Building a team from scratch and dealing with multiple different players at the same certainly made our lives a bit harder. “Know thy self” I know I will never commit to something I truly don’t believe in, and during this process with NRG we found ourselves with a couple different visions concerning players and how we should move forward. It was a difficult decision, but I decided to step down and let NRG follow their vision without causing any drama or tension. Following your principles is never easy, but I believe in humility, grace and passion. I am not gonna lie, this is probably the worse chapter of my csgo career but I am hungry and really looking forward to my future in 2017.

I would like to thank NRG for understanding and respecting my decision and I wish them nothing but the best with their CSGO Roster.