Optic gaming has won more terrorist rounds against Astralis

Optic gaming has won more terrorist rounds against Astralis

Astralis have been a dominant side in CSGO. The Danish powerhouse, who were formerly known as TSM moved to form their own organization after a fallout with TSM over payment amount and schedule. The Danish powerhouse is most well known for their fantastic holds on their Counter Terrorist side. It is quite a pleasure to watch them hold off the terrorists. More often than not the terrorists are unable to get into double digits versus the Astralis roster.

Optic gaming however proved why NA is a very T sided team. The Optic roster was able to get more Terrorist rides against Astralis than any other side did against Astralis.

This was a fact tweeted out by Lurpiss.

The NA roster has been having some splendid performance so far in the past few weeks. They placed first at Eleague Season 2 and also at the recently held Northern Arena Montreal. At the recently finished ECS Season 2 Championships, Optic Gaming placed second falling short of Astralis in the finals. The finals was a feast to watch with Astralis winning two really close maps in Overpass and Train. Both The maps score lines looked very one sided, but the rounds were quite close in the performance.