Mickey squashes rumors about move to Origens

Mickey squashes rumors about move to Origens

South Korean Sun Yong-min (손영민) or Mickey as he is more popularly known was linked to a roster move to Origens. These rumors gained ground following several slots being open at the Origens roster. However Mickey has come clean on the topic and put down any possible roster change rumors.

The rumors put Mickey in Origens team along with Satorius, Wisdom, Hivva and Tabzz.

Son “MickeyGod” Young-min, now Mickey, joined Team WE Academy in July of 2014. He played in 2014 LPL Summer as a mid laner and a jungler but WE Academy placed last in the season and Mickey left the team shortly afterwards. He joined Rebels Anarchy prior to the start of the the Champions Summer 2015 Promotion, They Qualified for the 2015 Summer OGN Split and Missed playoffs but Where able to have a safe spot in the upcoming split.