Metacutioner announces their Dota2 team

Metacutioner announces their Dota2 team

Metacutioner have announced the formation of their very own Dota2 roster. The newly formed team will feature some up and coming talent such as

  • Diego “MR” Ramirez
  • Tommy “tre” Lee
  • Zachary “Zingle” Soheim
  • Guilherme “Jheee” Tamassia
  • Raymond “DarkRaider” Peterson.

The roster has had some success in their past endeavours. They include top eight placements at the Manila Major Open Qualifiers, Collegiate Star League LAN finals, the AD2L Season 12 Championship, multiple Semi-Pro Cup Series Championships, and playoff appearances for JoinDota League Americas division 1.

The team definitely has a bevy of talent which can lead to some good chances at success. The Philadelphia based team will be competing in the Tier 2 tournaments for now and hope to climb up amongst all the competition.