Immortals add Olleh as their support player

Team Immortals have been busy building their League of Legends team following the departure of several of their best known and skilled players. They had already announced four out of five of their upcoming players in a post on the 9th of December 2016.

This left them searching for a support player for the Lol team. Their search has come to an end with the announcement of Olleh as their fifth and final player. Olleh previously competed on Hong Kong Esports and paiN Gaming. He attended All Stars twice as a representative of Brazil in 2014 and the LMS in 2015.

“We built the Immortals roster as one with a solid skill floor and high growth potential. Olleh’s communication skills and diverse experience are vital pieces to helping us reach that peak.” –CEO Noah Whinston

The announcement is pending Riotś approval. But that is just some paperwork that needs to be fulfilled. It is expected to get the seal of approval quickly.