Gamer gets robbed of virtual skins in real life

Gamer gets robbed of virtual skins in real life

Players scamming others for virtual skins is not novel news. However in a new twist to scamming people, it has now been learnt that a couple of 25 year old adults held a gamer at gunpoint and forced him to hand over his virtual in game items to them. This is one of the first instances of physical real world harm being threatened to a user based on virtual skins.

The location for this incident is Krasnoyarsk where two 25 year old adults threatened a Novosibirsk Gamer to hand over skins to them. The Novosibirsk gamer had come to attend a tournament being held nearby. He had gone out to take walk when the incident happened.

Suspects sought police and the National Guard under the troops. Already prosecuted under Art. 162 of the Criminal Code (robbery).