Fata forms new team ahead of the Kiev major

Fata forms new team ahead of the Kiev major

Following speculation of a new team formed by Fata, 343, yapzor and Forev; it has been confirmed by Fata to TheScoreEsports. The next major will be held in Kiev and these players have decided to form their very own team ahead of the major. It comes after several deliberations and permutations and combinations amongst the players. it is not only the skill of the players that matters but also their coordination and relationship with each other.

It was a team formed through a lot of talks, and consideration. We really like talking to each other, and have the same goals and direction for the team. It feels really good.We all want to learn, we want to help each other improve as well as improve ourselves, [and] we also have a very similar mindset on how we should approach the game.

The talks around the team started after Forev started talking with Fata regarding forming a team. This was the starting step and then they started scouting around for players who were not contracted.

“Me and FATA- started talking sometimes before Boston started, probably around a month or two, and then YapzOr came into the picture as well and we went on from there,” 343 said. “Feero was a friend of Yapzor who we were interested in. We approached Forev the last but decided on him pretty quickly.

“They are both very skilled and willing-to-learn players. It took us a while to make the final decision but here we are.”

Source : TheScoreEsports