FaceIT reveal their revamped Anti Cheat

FaceIT reveal their revamped Anti Cheat

FacIT is one of the leading places to play CSGO on. Their anti cheats are much better than the systemś VAC and that is one of the reasons people are willing to pay a fee to use their services.

With the dawn of Christmas, FaceIT have revealed their new revamped Anti Cheat.

  • Anti-cheat is now fully live — 32-bit client is available as well.
  • AC is currently enforced for everyone on FPL-C, Premium queues and some major qualifiers. Will be enforced on all FACEIT tournaments soon.
  • Enforcement for specific players across competitions based on multiple criteria and will gradually increase. Already enforced on a significant amount of players.
  • AC based bans start today!
  • MAC/Linux users have sllightly more relaxed criteria, but won’t be able to play premium queues / large tourneys. We are looking into a MAC client.
  • Plays.tv integration is live — you can share your highlights on FACEIT.

What happens to MAC/Linux users?

Some of them may be forced to use the Anti-Cheat based on the rules mentioned above and all of them will be required to use it if they want to participate in the premium queues or in any competitions that require it by default. At the moment we have a slightly more relaxed tagging system for these users (meaning that some of them may still be able to play if they don’t get reported, etc.). For those getting tagged and the ones that want to play in “protected” competitions unfortunately at the moment they won’t be able to do so unless they use a Windows O/S. That being said we are currently looking into options for a MAC client.

Source – FaceIT