F.C. Copenhagen enters eSports with CSGO team

F.C. Copenhagen enters eSports with CSGO team

F.C. Copenhagen is a very well known sporting organisation based of Denmark. With the recent advents of several top tier organisations into eSports Copenhagen have also announced their foray into eSports. They are in search for a team right now.

Although there is no official announcement yet, it is wildly believed that they will be hosting the Danish ex-Dignitas roster. Dignitas parted ways with their players a few days ago and the timing of Copenhagen searching for players is perfect.

If Copenhagen do sign the Dignitas players, it would mean lots of benefits to the players. Traditional eSports teams do not focus on the psychological aspect of gaming. The coach along with 1-2 others is all the support staff that has been seen on a team. However support staff is extremely important around professional athletes. Traditional football and sports organisations have huge support staff around their team. This helps the team to focus solely on gaming and winning matches. It definitely improves the team morale along with reducing pressure on the players.

Copenhagen’s decision to foray into eSports was reported first on finans.dk. You can view the article by clicking here.

Copenhagen Director of Sports and Entertainment released a statement :

“We follow the course of the development of e-sports, as other major football clubs do. It is an exciting area, as one might imagine FCK be a part of in the future. But if and when it can be concrete, only time will tell. “

We will keep you informed once the announcement becomes official and about any further details regarding the same.