ESEA revisit their ranking system in Rank S

ESEA revisit their ranking system in Rank S

ESEA has announced a change to their ranking system. The Rank S which features the professional players playing at the highest level will see several rank changes. The ELO scores will no longer be hidden but will be public for anyone to watch.

The changes in the update are listed below :

Ranks Revisited — farewell to hidden eloOne of the most confusing features of our last update was what your Rank really meant. While it was hard for players who weren’t that great to get to A+, you could still get there with dedication and increased playtime, something we never intended to happen. Ranks were not a true representation of skill level, more a way to show up how much you played ESEA. To replace this system, we recently launched the XP Update.

Moving forward, Ranks will now directly represent your level of gameplay, rather than time invested in ESEA. Over the next few weeks you will notice that your rank, and the ranks of those around you will change as the system continues to place people in their proper ranks. The initial transition has already happened and some of you will notice a change in your ranks already.

Key Changes:

  • Matches are no longer sorted by hidden elo, but now by ranks
  • Solo-queue players will be matched around their Ranks
  • Group queues will be matched based on the highest ranking player in the group
  • Groups of 5 will continue to play Unranked matches — go scrim!
  • New players will play placement matches to be ranked
  • Decay added for inactive players



A new Challenger path for Rank S
Many of you have been asking for a queue for A+ only, something we didn’t feel was a proper solution to the problem at hand. In order to help find players for Rank S, we felt the best path is to create a system similar to Rank S. The new Challenger rank, Rank G for short, will operate as the promotion system for all future Rank S move-ups.

Key Features of Rank G:

  • Limited player pool that allows for most competitive games
  • Unique queue system, similar to how Rank S queue works
  • Earn +6 points for a win and -4 points for a loss
  • Teams and map are randomly selected (league map pool + Inferno)
  • Top 1-2 players moved to Rank S on monthly basis
  • If a player is demoted from Rank S, they may be retained in Rank G
  • If not enough players are available for Rank G queue, players can play normal pugs

To kick off Rank G, we’ve invited all Premier teams not currently in Rank S, and added the top 150 A+ players from November / December based on points in both North America and Europe. No Rank S move-ups will happen until the end of January.

Rank G will have a monthly promotion / demotion system that will allow top talent to remain, competing for the spot, and give new players a chance at taking a shot as well. The following process will be used to Rank G promotions / demotions:

  • Bottom 50 players from Rank G will be demoted each month, being placed back into A+
  • Top 50 A+ players will be added on a monthly basis
  • A+ Players are ranked on Win & Loss of solo queue games

Source : ESEA