Day9 to enter into Dota2 content creation

Day9 to enter into Dota2 content creation

Day9 has been an iconic figure in the world of Starcraft. He was one of the reasons for the popularity of Starcraft. His rise coincided with an increase in players and viewership for Starcraft matches, clips.

Sean “Day[9]” Plott, brother of Nicolas “Tasteless” Plott, is a well-known StarCraft: Brood War and StarCraft II player and commentator. Day[9] is the host of the popular Day9 Daily show, where he casts and analyzes high level play. With the release of StarCraft II, Day[9] has become the face of StarCraft in the growing e-Sports community, as well as a focal point for StarCraft casting and commentating

Recently with the decline in Starcraft matches and the game overall, Day9 has decided to shift to Dota2. Dota2 is Valve most successful game till date and has been changing to welcome new players into the game. Day9 will be recording his learning experience of Dota2. He will showcase the steep learning curve as well as the several mistakes that he would probably make in the meantime.

He made a reddit post announcing his endeavour in Dota2. The full text of the post can be read below.



“Day[9] Learns Dota” with Purge – Jan 18th & every Wednesday for 4 months from DotA2

This collaboration between Purge and Day9 will see some impressive guides and a basic of how to play the game. Considering the dearth of quality guides for newer players, this will create a library of guides which will help the newer players.