Ad Finem will not be making any changes in their roster

AD FINEM (lat. To the End) is a Professional eSports Organization from Greece, that was established in 2015. Currently, the organization spans across a variety of well-known Competitive Games, including Hearthstone, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and foremost, Dota 2, of which they are best known for.

After continuously making it to the top of several tournaments, Ad finem closed 2016 with the 2nd place at the Boston Major. They were by far the fan favorite as much of the crowd was supporting Ad finem. Their calm demeanour despite being down 2 games and taking the game to their opponents OG was something that everyone has been praising.

With the roster change period coming to a close in Dota2 soon, Ad Finem have announced that there will be no changes in their Dota2 roster. We wish them the best of luck in 2017