Tempo Storm buy their way into League of Legends

Tempo Storm buy their way into League of Legends

According to a report, Tempo Storm have purchased their spot into the League of Legends scene. They have taken up the spot previously held by Dream Team. The team has not finalized any form of roster or coaching staff but intends to do so before the beginning of the Challenger season in 2017.

While details of the sale are not yet public, Sources indicate that the deal was in roughly Six figures. Tempo Storm have been trying to get into the LCS Scene since quite sometime. They were in talks earlier in the year, but a sudden increase in the price by Team Impulse to $1.5 million saw the deal not going through

Tempo Storm, founded by former Magic the Gathering and current Hearthstone pro Yanyuk in 2014 as a Hearthstone guide site, expanded into esports later that year. It is best-known for its participation in Blizzard titles, such as Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch and World of Warcraft. It also houses players in fighting games and FIFA. In addition to these games, Tempo Storm were a well known roster in Valveś CSGO.

This is the first spot out of five on sale to be sold. There are rumors about NRG, Nova and Eanix all set to go under the hammer soon. However nothing has been finalized as of yet.