TazZerk reached 1800 level in Overwatch

TazZerk reached 1800 level in Overwatch

Overwatch is the latest multiplayer FPS Game launched by Blizzard. Blizzard have provided an incentive for players to Group Up With Friends. When you play a match in Overwatch with a friend by your side, you’ll gain +20% XP. You need to be in a group of 2-6 players then you’ll receive the 20% bonus on all XP earned during the match. On average, you earn around 200 XP a minute in Overwatch.

One player has taken levelling up to the next level, literally. Tazzerk has reached Level 1800 in Overwatch, which is the highest level achieved till date.

This is definitely not a minor achievement. In order to reach this level, he has been playing for over 16-17 hours a day. That is called commitment my friends.

The wings and the stars which modify themselves in numbers and color as levels increase have reached their max point. When Tazzer reached level 1801 however no other wings were added to his portrait. We can only assume that blizzard will come up with innovative ways to demarcate players above 1800 level.