Elige calls for seasons in CSGO

Elige calls for seasons in CSGO

Overwatch is currently having an off season between season 2 and season 3. The off season demarcates clearly the difference in the competitive meta and a significant break for professional players and normal matchmaking players.

CSGO professional playe Elige has called for seasons in CSGO as well. He believes that CSGO should also have seasons and a ladder system which would propel normal players to play competitively. The current scene in CSGO is very vague especially for players looking to go pro.

With the announcement of the Overwatch Premier League, Blizzard has put forth a clear pathway for players to go professional. The league would develop and nurture local talent and bring out the best from each region. This definitely seems to have impacted Elige as he tweeted calling for a ladder system and seasons in CSGO as well.

He definitely struck a cord with other players and users as many found acceptance in his words.