Gfinity to host Varsity games for Dota2

Gfinity the UK based organiser will be hosting varsity games for Dota2. The games will feature four universities. The event aims at tapping the Dota2 potential in UK, a region not well known for any famous Dota2 players.

PyrionFlax will be in attendance at the event. The presence of PyrionFlax will definitely add glamour to the event which is supposed to be a local tournament aimed at the universities.


The universities participating are :

  • Kings College London
  • Imperial College London
  • The London School of Economics
  • University College London

The event aims to strengthen the grass roots Dota2 scene. UK better known for its CSGO and LoL teams. However even in those eSports they do not boast of a dominant scene.


In addition to the inaugural Varsity Games Dota 2 tournament, attendees will be able to meet the Gfinity team who work on live tournaments as well as take part in a variety of activities; including an overview of “Esports and Competitive Gaming in the UK: A Summary and Future Possibilities”.

For more information about the tournament check out their facebook page and Gfinity Website