Female eSports players are just not skilled enough

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Julianoś interview with BBC has generated mixed responses from many professional esports players. The majority seem to be of the opinion that sexism is absent in eSports. There are open qualifiers through which women can participate and if they are skilled enough qualify for major events. Since eSports is not a sport that requires physical interaction; the mental space is the only battle arena between the player and teams. That is a level playing field and it is erroneous to blame tournaments for organising events consisting of male teams. The reason all the teams have male players in them is because females are just not skilled enough. Most of the big tournaments have open qualifiers, which any team can join and strive to qualify. The fact that we have not seen a single female team qualify through these qualifiers is testimony enough to the fact that the skill gap is huge between the genders.

There are several male teams which perform much better than the female teams and yet do not qualify for such major tournaments. While everyone would love to see a female top in the top rung of teams, no one would want a lower skilled team to be playing in the top rung. IT would only lower the quality of matches and tournaments. One sided matches are always a big letdown for spectators who love a close contest between teams.