NiP best FaZe in BO3 at IEM Oakland Semifinals

NiP best FaZe in BO3 at IEM Oakland Semifinals

Ninjas in Pyjamas secures their Grand Final ticket after a nail-biting BO3 semifinal against FaZe where NiP grinded out a  2-1 victory, leading them to face SK Gaming in the Grand Finals.

The semifinals between NiP and FaZe started out on nuke where NiP just barely beat FaZe in overtime ending the 1st map at a 15-19 scoreline.

The next map the Ninja’s magic was seemingly wearing off, losing train 6-16 it was obvious something wasn’t clicking within the NiP team.

nip vs faze overpass iem oakland

With each team winning the map they picked it was time for the decider: Overpass.

NiP started out on the terrorist side and came out to a strong 3-0 start, however they still were making some of the same mistakes they were on train.

After losing a few key clutches, including a missed bomb plant by 0.5 seconds and a insane 4k clutch by Fabien “kioShiMa” Fiey retaking the A bombsite, they still managed to pull off a respectable 9-6 first half score.

NiP Pyth Defusing the bomb

Starting the second half, NiP once again comes out strong winning the pistol round after FaZe managed to get the bomb down on the A bombsite. FaZe aizy held his own in the post-plant situation but it wasn’t enough. Losing the first pistol round which eventually came down to a 2v1 with Xizt and Pyth to close it out.

Unlike the first half, NiP wasn’t slowing down. Winning 4 straight rounds bringing it to 13-6 it was apparent NiP didn’t plan on making any mistakes, they were holding both A and B bombsites well and keeping the economy on the FaZe side as low as possible.

FaZe finally answered and won their first terrorist side round bringing the score to 13-7 thanks to a insane back to back two-piece by kioshima ripping the B bombsite wide open.

The Ninja’s only needed 3 more rounds to secure the victory and yet FaZe was starting to hit their shots and execute well, winning the 21st round and making the score 13-8. Now NiP’s economy wasn’t looking good at all, with an average of $1500 per player going into the 22nd round, they had no choice but to save.

With the pressure growing, NiP managed a weak buy to try and stop FaZe’s recent surge in rounds. With a AWP, Famas, three M4s and lacking many utility and nades they needed they to stop FaZe right now. f0rest managed to flank around and catch the FaZe members setting up for a take on A, ultimately winning the round.

What NiP winning the last round in strong fashion with 4 members alive, it looked like they had some momentum on their side, however FaZe answered right back winning the next round. Pyth managed to save an AWP however with the economy on NiP in a dire state, the rest of the team only had pistols moving into the 25th round.

NiP with only a AWP and a little magic, somehow managed to pull off a win against an advancing FaZe into the B bombsite. Score: 15-10.

The 26th round started off slow, with FaZe only finally making their way into the B bombsite at the 35 second mark into the round. They executed with a full set of smokes and planted the bomb down. Once the smokes started to clear, FaZe managed to pick off some of the NiP players, leaving it with a win for FaZe and NiP saving an AWP and AK.

FaZe storm the A bombsite, executing once again with full set of smokes, however while not getting many kills, the NiP team was lining up for a strong retake if it wasn’t for allu with a tec-9 flank through bathrooms, effectively winning the round and breaking NiPs economy once again.

nip faze semifinals iem oakland 2016

The score is 15-13 and FaZe have managed an extraordinary up to this point, coming back from a 13-7 scoreline from the beginning of this second half.

Going into what would be the last round, NiP was ready, they had a full buy and had the map covered, it was already looking good for them to close this round out but the nail in the coffin for FaZe was when one of the players dropped the bomb in connector, NiP swarmed the area and locked it down. Picking up kills left and right it all came down to “Allu’ but there was only 20 seconds left in the round.

NiP ended up killing Allu as he gave it his best to retrieve the bomb and won the round, beating FaZe 16-13. While FaZe gave it their all and almost came back to tying several times, it just wasn’t enough. NiP move onto the Grand Finals against SK Gaming.


Now comes NiP’s biggest challenge yet, to beat a seemingly unstoppable SK Gaming team who always comes to battle.